Founder and composer MIRAI with Opera vocalist BRONWEN STEPHENS combine layers of electronic sound with a soaring vocal range with the aim to re-animate the machine dominated world of electronica with a body of next generation, attention-grabbing work, designed for live performance. The sound of Intelligentsia explores the amalgamation of organic vocal and synthetic other-worldy sounds while drawing on the rich history of opera and world music - with Bron singing in Latin, German, English, Japanese and Italian. In their high energy live performances, Mirai utilises his custom-built tactile synthesizers and other cutting edge musical technology to transform their complex compositions into tangible, personal experiences.

trilight 1985 video alien 55 singularity save the earth cozmopolitan neurogenesis ethnogenesis supercluster citizen badlands teknology video the tomorrow people cosmonaut metagalactica music for motherships century 21 the other side of the screen zonderland federation civilizations end of civilizations federation remixed the signal to offworld world wide kind