One outstanding web site, epitomising what can be done in cybersapce with a will to good is the Futurist Intelligentsia. Calling themselves a global futurist starforce for the 21st century!...the Home of FUTURE music,art,fashion,literature film for persons of purpose, progress POSITIVE NRG!", the site hosts various networking links and also features a download site for their other major project, EARTH ACADEMY. One of the sites founders, Mirai, kindly agreed to an e-mail interview.

1. Please give a brief background to the foundation and agenda of your network.

It was started in 89, when two guys, from opposite ends of the U.K. met up, briefly, and realised they weren't alone in their eccentricities or experiences. I was a musician and he was a writer, both with computer programming backgrounds. So jointly we decided to form the beginnings of a network to promote our ideals. I brought in more people and it began to expand. We were basically looking for creative people who had a closer foresight in the future, and then to promote their art or way of thinking, as a defined group.

2. Please supply a brief background to your activities at present and a summary of Futurist activity in Japan. Is in some ways distinct from that elsewhere...? How?

The past six months have seen the setting up of the music label, to promote the musicians in group. Including various live concerts; a classical concert on a mountain in Tateshina (for the older crowd), a LIVE link up on the Internet at CYBERIA where I ran a multi-art/futurist club night, and soon to come; a Star Trek event with the GENERATIONS artists from Los Angeles. It is through such performances I hope to promote the art and ideas of everyone concerned.

In Japan I can get more things happening because, to some extent, we are a rare breed here. I think Tokyo is THE future city on our world, that is why I moved here, but I would not say that it is my future utopia.

It is hard to meet the real progressive types- this is a city of capitalists- but I still have the inspiration to keep me going.

3. What is/ are the beliefs/ knowledge/convictions/ mission agenda that have/ do now dictate the nature of your activities?

We all share something in common. We all have a burning desire for CHANGE, to do good for our planet and the conviction to keep going for that. Most of us have had experiences in our past that took us to this point. The perfect role model already exists in the fictional Star Trek- a group of intelligent, progressive, multi--cultural, global group with discipline, virtue and self-control. Why not make it FACT? There are hundreds of these types of people around the world but most are unconnected. Hardline religious and political organizations only divide us further; when we should be embracing each other. I think the mockery of idealism should not stop one from realising those ideals.

4. What is your forecast for the near-future? How does/ can/ will our input improve our prospects? What role does cyberspace play in our spiritual role/ transformation?

It is a time of great change, as they say. This planet and its whole organizational structure just will not last another century if we stay on this same path. If it were so, then dark realities as portrayed in WILLIAM GIBSON's futures or BLADERUNNER even, would come into form in less than twenty years. I don't see that happening, that is just one of the future-pathways. I forecast, like many others, a total planet upheaval, environmentally, economically and politically; in one word: CHAOS.I think the planet will clean itself, leaving small networks across the world, to bring it into a new reality. Cyberspace will link the networks, and spread the information and inspiration to all those who require it. It is important for those who think the same, to get on-line and make yourself known.

5. You have mentioned hostility from "system"
individuals/ org's...please give details.

Those who create the sad realities that have domination over us all are- as to be expected- afraid of the new power, that such things as the INTERNET, can give to the individual. They have great fear of losing control. The bid for censorship is very strong from many groups. Obviously, I totally oppose that idea and thankfully there are many others who think the same. At the moment, the strongest opposition I get is from white middle-class American males; including some Christians and French. They are very proud and very fearful of the changes occurring; they curse us to hell, or call us idealistic freaks. You have to be very wise to be able to help them. I haven't been able to.

6. You (wisely) advise us to eschew chemical" self-abuse. How can cyber-life/ cyber-union facilitate a better way of life for us, especially the youth?

This is a tough one. I have always been against drugs of all kinds but that doesn't mean that I am right. The Net has helped me to ask more knowledgeable people on this matter. From the feedback that I have received, I will stick to my inner convictions until I am proved otherwise. The whole point of this type of futurist art is to energise and inspire your NATURAL HIGH. The club music I write, is especially for the youth and it is written purposely and musically in a way, that you would have no need for drugs-engaging their emotions first, is the key. I hope cyberspace will lend a big hand in educating the youth on this matter.

7. What is your appraisal at the moment of the state of the WWW? What can be done to accelerate its spiritual aspects? What part can/ will technology play in our ongoing evolution?

Since I linked to the net, my group has quadrupled, and I have friends and supporters in nearly every country I could mention; I cannot emphasise more strongly the importance of this new era. As for Cyberspace, to me, it is now a wonderful medium for connecting us all. It is the last battleground for truth and freedom. At last, people from all lands can truly get to know one another and breakdown cultural barriers. This technology will bring us together; and those most important, most necessary links, have already begun!