LIVE Performance History

2022 JUN 02: (UK) Singularity, The Bullingdon, Oxford

2020 SEP 06: (UK) Extinction Rebellion, Southbank, London

2017 NOV 04: (UK) SCI-FI LONDON Experiment, Stratford, London

2014 DEC 03: (UK) Brinnington Xmas Market, Stockport

2014 NOV 29: (UK) New Mills Xmas Lights, Derbyshire

2014 SEP 30: (UK) MusicTechFest, BBC Click / London Symphonic Orchestra

2014 JUN 21: (UK) NEW CROSS INN, London

2014 JAN 29: (UK) SURYA + Idelhour + Birthrite, Islington, London

2013 SEP 4: (UK) WATER RATS + KOMMAND & KONTROL, Kings Cross, London

2013 AUG 16: (UK) FOREVER SUN Festival, Dorset

2013 MAY 24: (Italy) Live Performers Meeting, Brancaleone, Rome

2013 MAY 17: (UK) THE GOOD SHIP + Yazmyn Hendrix + Sol Flare + Kid Karoshi, Kilburn, London

2013 APR 30: (UK) SCI-FI LONDON Film Festival, Stratford Picture House, London

2011 NOV 26: (UK) (DJ) KISS THE SKY BAR, Hampstead, London

2011 NOV 12: (UK) (DJ) THE LONDON STONE, London

2011 SEP 15: (Japan) KURETAKE BUNKA CENTER, with Christoper Currell (PLENUM VOID), Kyoto

2010 NOV 17: (UK) LOCKSIDE LOUNGE, Camden, London

2009 NOV 25: (UK) THE PURPLE TURTLE + Global Citizen + Kommand & Kontrol, London



2008 OCT 30: (UK) (DJ) CLUB ROBOT, EXIT BAR, London

2008 APR 23: (UK) CLUB ROBOT (Earth Academy Records event) + KOMPUTER + RANDOM, London


2007 SEP 22: (UK) THE SWISS CHURCH + Tubal Cain + Mark Jenkins, London

2007 MAR 31: (Denmark) THE FUTURE OF MUSIC, Innovation Lab, Arhus (with Ras Bolding)

2006 MAR 25: (UK) ST.GILES CHURCH + ASTROMILL + Mark Jenkins + Uri Geller, London

2004 MAY: (Netherlands) ALFA CENTAURI, Huizen, with John Van Der Stap, Meisai, Ms.Hypnotique and Sascha Windrath

2003 NOV: (UK) ST.CYPRIAN'S CHURCH, London (with John Van Der Stap)

2003 OCT: (UK) (DJ) ST.MARY'S CHURCH, Islington, London. U.K

2003 SEP: (Netherlands) (Promo) E-LIVE

2003 FEB: (Japan) (VJ) CLUB GAME, Tokyo (with Meisai)

2003 JAN: (Japan) SECO BAR, Shibuya, Japan (with Meisai and Steve Deg)

2002 NOV: (Japan) (VJ) CLUB GAME, Tokyo (with Meisai)

2002 JUL: (Japan) (VJ) CLUB BED, Tokyo (with Meisai)

2002 JUN: (Japan) J-WAVE Radio, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)

2002 JUN: (Japan) (VJ) CLUB KOU, Tokyo (with Meisai)

2002 MAY: (Japan) J-WAVE Radio, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)

2002 MAY: (Japan) (Promo) DESIGN FESTA, Tokyo

2002 FEB: (Japan) (VJ) Arkaos VJ promo@ Hookup, Akihabara, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)

2001 DEC: (Japan) Nomad City live, Planet 21, Shimokitzawa, Tokyo(with Morley Robertson)

2001 DEC: (Japan) CLUB P, Shibuya, Tokyo

2001 AUG: (Japan) YOKOHAMA STADIUM, Japan

2000 DEC: (Japan) INTERACTIVE LIVE, Meilparque Hall, Tokyo, Japan (Susumu Hirasawa)

2000 NOV: (Japan) INTERACTIVE LIVE, Big Cat (Day 2), Osaka, Japan (Susumu Hirasawa)

2000 NOV: (Japan) INTERACTIVE LIVE, Big Cat, Osaka (Susumu Hirasawa)

2000 OCT: (Japan) ROCTOBER, Odaiba, Tokyo Bay

2000 JUN: (Japan) BAR JUKE, Roppongi, Tokyo

2000 MAY: (Japan) The FIDDLER, Takadanobaba, Tokyo

1999 NOV: (Japan) ALADDIN, Tokyo

1999 NOV: (Japan) MANDALA II, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)

1999 NOV: (Japan) CLUB PANGAEA, Tokyo (with Nicholas D. Kent)

1999 OCT: (Netherlands) E-LIVE, Nijmegen (with Victor Cerullo and John VD Stap)

1999 SEP: (Belgium) RENDEZVOUS III, Leuven

1999 AUG: (Japan) TOCHOU SKYSCRAPER, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)

1999 JUL: (Japan) SHINJUKU LOFT, Tokyo (with Morley Robertson)

1999 JUN: (Japan) TV SAITAMA "Internet Tengoku" (with Morley Robertson)

1999 MAY: (Japan) CLUB PANGAEA , Tokyo

1999 JAN: (Japan) (DJ) CLUB RUBBER, Tokyo

1999 DEC: (Japan) (TV live) MW-TV

1998 NOV: (Japan) DESIGN FESTA, Tokyo

1998 JUL: (Japan) (DJ) DESIGN FESTA, Tokyo

1998 FEB: (Japan) CLUB URGE, Tokyo.

1997 OCT: (Japan) INFORMUSE, Tokyo.

1997 SEP: (Japan) (VJ) CLUB ASIA, Tokyo.

1997 JAN: (Japan) INFORMUSE, Tokyo.

1997 JAN: (Japan) (TV live) NIHON TV: "PC Donburi" (with Kenso Kato)

1996 DEC: (Japan) SEGA JOYPOLIS, Times square, Tokyo (with Masami Asahina)

1996 SEP: (Japan) STUDIO ZEN, Tokyo (with Masami Asahina)

1996 AUG: (Japan) CYBERIA, Tokyo (with Masami Asahina + Rebus Tape)

1996 AUG: (Japan) MOUNT TATESHINA, Nagano (with Masami Asahina)

1994 JUL: (UK) THE BASE, London (with Naoki Robot)

1994 JUL: (UK) CLUB U.K., London (with Naoki Robot)

1994 MAY: (UK) SILVERFISH, London (with Naoki Robot)

1994 APR: (UK) THE ROCKET, Holloway, London (with Naoki Robot)

1992 AUG: (UK) POWERHAUS, Islington, London.

1992 JUL: (UK) THE BRAIN CLUB, Soho, London (with Max 2000 Robot)

1991 FEB: (UK) CAMDEN PALACE, London.


The Intelligentsia BODY-DRUM was designed by Mirai (Concept), Mio Shibuya a.k.a. Massaging Capsule (Body Armour) & Ion Machin (Electronics). This was created for the INTERACTIVE LIVE SHOW tour in Japan with Susumu Hirasawa (P-Model / Paprika). It is essentially a drum trigger for chest, arm and leg, used mainly for Timpani and orchestral percussion, but has been used for FX & Voice. The Body-Drum was primarily the featured instrument for our top selling song INTERSTELLA which was the central piece featured during the Japan tour.


This Motion Capture Exo-Skeleton was used during our performances in 2006 - 2007. Each arm of the device has six sensors that detect shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand movements, and send MIDI information to your synthesizers based on it. One of our performances including a show case at INNOVATION LAB, in Arhus, Denmark which proved to be quite a hit in the press (see below), cited as "The Future of Music"


The AUUG Motion Synth (as previewed on an Apple iPhone advert in 2014) is a smartphone synthesizer controller app, and an actual physical phone grip which secures the device to the user's hand for musical accuracy. We were one of the many funders of their Kickstarter project and were the first to perform this app (for OPERA Vocals) in the UK at the LSO (London Symphonic Orchestra) during MusicTechFest 2014. This was filmed for BBC CLICK and you can see us on the show below: